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In-depth Feature:  Evolution MK-225C Controller
Nick B writes: .

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Parameters are easily accessed via dedicated buttons or through holding pairs of buttons down then entering numbers via the keypad or +/- increment pads. This is a lot easier than data entry via the keyboard as with many other controllers, entry and scrolling through controller numbers is a doddle. Another area where the MK-225C scores is that each control can be assigned an independent MIDI channel to the keyboard channel - this gives you more versatility in use. As well as the 8 controllers, the modulation wheel is also assignable – a nice touch that.

However, one shortfall is the lack of on board memories, given the nature of MIDI and the numerous permutations of controls needed to run plug-ins, soft synths etc this seems like a major omission to me. Though on the plus side assigning controllers is pretty straightforward.

In Use
All feedback comes from a bright 2 digit LED display. The only gripe I have is that the LED – a rather fetching blue, insists on flashing every time you change a value. Initially, this can prove a little un-nerving as many displays only do this whilst performing critical tasks such as memory overwriting etc. It also means you feel like you have to wait till it stops before continuing, even though there is actually no need – a bit of a distraction.

This minor problem aside, I found the MK-225C easy to use and very simple to set up for multiple control situations. I would like to see one fader (there is one on the MK-361C) , call me old-fashioned, but when adjusting volumes – specifically for audio tracks within Logic or Cubase – I like to use a fader rather than a knob. This is one area where the Oxygen 8 scores over the MK-225C

My major issue is with the keyboard – maybe I’m heavy-handed but, no matter what velocity curve I set, I found I was reaching maximum with what I consider to be fairly light touch. I found it very hard to get any nuances into my drum programming or playing using this keyboard.

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