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In-depth Feature:  Novation K-Station
Nick B writes: .

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At the mixer you can blend the volumes of each oscillator, noise, ring mod (Osc 1+2) and an external source. The noise is self-explanatory and sounds like plain white noise. The ring mod is an interesting feature and can give you some radical tones if you try various intervals between the oscillators.

The external input feeds whatever you plug in to the input jack into the mixer section and then on into the filter, envelope and effects. The input is set up to accept –10dB line levels and mic/ guitar signal levels – switchable via the global menu.

The filter is of the straightforward low-pass type, switch-able between 12dB and 24dB slopes. The usual resonance, envelope and mod-depth controls are there too. I feel that Novation may have missed a trick here, more filter modes (HP and BP) would have been a welcome addition, although the EQ effect (see effects section) can give the same effect with careful setup. Having said that the filter performs as you would expect and has a smooth response.

The Filter menu gives you level control of both the non-resonant portion of the signal and filter overdrive level – essential for the emulation of the good ‘ol 303 and other barking filter sounds.

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