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In-depth Feature:  Roland SH-32
Ronald Pieket writes: .

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The filter covers the standard types:
Low pass, band pass, high pass, as well as something Roland call "peaking". The latter is an all pass filter with a resonant peak. It sounds a little like a wah. The filter can be configured as either 12 dB/oct or a 24 dB/oct. The filter does not self oscillate.

How does the filter sound? I've never been into identifying and comparing filters, so couldn't tell you whether it is typical Roland, or whether it sounds analog or digital. It definitely has a strong personality. I'd call it a little unruly.

There is noticeable stepping when you turn the filter frequency knob. But when modulated, it is perfectly smooth. Filter keyboard tracking is widely variable, and goes negative, too.

The SH32 has three separate envelopes per voice: A(ttack)D(ecay) for the oscillator pitch (same envelope, but different amount for either oscillator), an A(ttack)D(ecay)S(ustain)R(elease) envelope for the filter, plus one for the amplitude stage. The envelopes are not amazingly fast.


The two LFOs can modulate the oscillators individually, the filter, the amplifier stage, and the pan position. All these routings are active simultaneously.
This is a little confusing, because it makes the LFO destination select button work in a different way than all other select buttons. Confusing or not, it's certainly useful to have multiple LFO destinations. LFO shapes are triangle, sine, sawtooth, square, trapezium (it's been a while since I saw a trapezium LFO shape!), stepped random, and smooth random.

The LFOs can be synchronized to MIDI clock, but there are only 7 beat divisions to choose from. LFO's can be reset at key down, or run free. There is an LFO fade in feature. LFOs don't have a large range, and modulations appear to get a little irregular toward the upper frequency range.

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