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In-depth Feature:  Midiman Oxygen 8
Nick B writes: .

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In Use
In Use. The Oxygen 8 is certainly hands on, It's great having all those extra controls available at your fingertips when accessing either instruments or audio tracks. Once I had it plugged in I was the tweakmeister himself! The unit defaults to volume for the data slider so right out of the box you can whiz through your sequencer tracks and set up a basic mix. As for the other controls, that's entirely up to you. Setting each controller is a very straight forward with parameter access driven from the keys on the keyboard - hit the select button enter a knob number, hit enter then the controller number and enter, then finally the channel and enter - couldn't really be much simpler. The one thing I would have liked is to be able to assign program changes to a knob or slider as entering those via the keyboard gets a bit tedious when flipping through patches. Of course, the ideal situation would be to have a learn function – like the Kenton Control Freak – where you send the data to the knob to assign it though this might be a little ambitious at this price.

One nice feature were the dedicated octave transpose buttons - these are clear and easy to hit so moving the keyboard up and down the range is nice and quick. The Oxygen 8 does what it is supposed to. It's a very handy size - and you'll find that you constantly want to record parameters that you previously wouldn't have allowing you to setup quite complex mixes and softsynth automation. Obviously, if you're expecting to play the piano like Liberace then perhaps you might find the keyboard somewhat limiting - unless you're particularly deft with the octave up/down button.

In the Oxygen 8 we had for test there were no user memories for controller setups although the unit does remember it's last settings on power up. The current production model features 8 user programmable controller setups.

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