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In-depth Feature:  PowerCore
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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TC Tools
Decent reverb plug-ins do need an awful lot of processing power, so it makes complete sense that a studio quality reverb should be the first available Powercore plug-in. The Megareverb is a real classy sounding 'verb with plenty of adjustable parameters, many of them presented in an easy-to-assimilate graphical form. 24 included presets cover a range of halls, rooms, a plate, specific drum reverbs and some special effects, all of which provide a good jumping off point for further editing. Clicking on the graphical icons gives you the power to not only instantly change the shape of a space and its dimensions, but to also tailor the length of the reverb decay for three different frequency bands. Very impressive.

The TC Chorus/Delay provides simultaneous modulation and delay effects and also comes with graphical editing. There are not such a wide range of presets as with the reverb but there is an Echoplex simulation, some cheesy (that's a compliment) flangers and a slapback named 'The King' for all us Elvis impersonators. The delay is fairly basic, no pingpongs or multitaps, and can be adjusted by milliseconds or by bpm, although quarter note values only are available with bpm adjustment. Sounds good though.

The EQSat features editing by graphical faders with the results illustrated by a frequency response graph which is an extremely useful feature in this context. The EQ is based on high and low shelving bands alongside three fully adjustable parametric bands which allows an extreme range of possibilities. The presets cover both subtle and not-so-subtle treatments with a few practical applications like kick-drum fattening, hum removal and vocal enhancement.

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