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In-depth Feature:  RME Hammerfall DIGI9652 Sound Card
Mark Tinley writes:
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    Good points
    I mentioned earlier that synchronisation is a big issue with the PC. One of the studios I currently work in has 2 ADAT machines, and my colleague usually wants a hard copy of my work on tape when the session is over. I have been having all sorts of problems getting my machine to read SMPTE code reliably. Drum tracks simply fall apart when I try to lay them down separately. I am happy to say that, in conjunction with Cubase VST, Hammerfall's benefits are two fold. Not only does the card allow me to lock VST to ADAT with near sample accuracy, but also to transfer up to 24 tracks at a time. Again RME have made it simple and effective. For the first time, I am not crossing my fingers behind my back and hoping. It works.

    Bad Points
    From a users point of view, I could consider the lack of any analog I/O an omission, however with boxes like the Fostex VC-8 available, it really isn't an issue. It means spending a little more on a D/A and A/D converter if you don't have ADAT or a digital desk, but it also means that you can tailor the quality of you A/D/A interface to suit your budget and working environment.

    I bought one.

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