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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments Spektral Delay
Fat Elvis writes: .

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Drawing in the delay times freehand is only one way to go about things, there is also the option of snapping them to a set quantise value on a grid synced the host program's tempo or whatever tempo you care to enter. Maximum delay time is set to a default value of 3 seconds but you can increase this to 12 seconds if you have the RAM to spare.

Further to all this, to put some movement into the sound, there is an LFO that can be assigned to 3 parameters simultaneously including parameters in the filter, delay and feedback graphs and parameters relating to the input modulation stage. Modulation in the frequency domain can be applied to the signal right at the input stage before any delay processing. A drop-down menu lets you assign one of several different algorithms complete with it's set of adjustment knobs. With names like Phase Blaster, Horse Tail, Foam and Smear these powerful algorithms manipulate the frequency bands for a whole range of effects that can turn the sound on its head. Sounds similar to ring modulation, tremolo and comb filtering can all be achieved along with others that are better heard than described.

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