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In-depth Feature:  Emagic EXS24
Joe Bennett writes: .

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Making Samples
I've been teaching the EXS24 to my music technology students at City of Bath College ever since it came out, and one criticism they have is that there's no 'record' button for making your own samples. Well I'm sorry to do this to their young impressionable minds, but I have to say... DUHHH! It's part of Logic Audio. You're already sitting in front of one of the most powerful software audio recorders on the market - why not use that to record your samples?

Considering this is the first version of the software, they've got most things right. OK, so a high-pass filter would have been nice, and some of the looping menus could have been better designed, but really I'm struggling to criticise, especially considering the creativity-sapping pain involved in programming some hardware samplers. Now, where's that floppy disk I had? I can remember which one it was; it was the black one without a label...

Joe Bennett is a writer of over a dozen books on guitars, but also finds time to teach music technology at a college in Bath, UK. He also does a very good cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid... in a country style.

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