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In-depth Feature:  NI Guitar Combos
Fat Elvis writes: .

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In Use
Setting up is no problem at all. You have to install the software and then go through NI's registration process which is pretty painless and only takes a couple of minutes over an internet connection. Clicking on any particular combos icon will load it in stand alone mode and then all you have to do is specify which audio interface you are using in a drop down dialogue box. Once that's done it's a simple matter of plugging a guitar via a suitable preamp that can take a Hi-Z signal into your audio interface.

Demo player
The first thing you will probably want to do is to check out as many of the different presets as possible but as you’ve only got two hands (and guitar plus mouse need three), NI have kindly included some MP3 files in a drop down menu that can be played through the rig. These feature some pretty cool guitar playing in a variety of styles to let you quickly audition all of the presets side by side. You get blues, country, lounge jazz, pop strum, punk rhythm, rock riff, slide and soul comp.

The presets are designed to cover as many playing styles as possible and are descriptively named to give you a clue as to what they sound like before you try them out.

Guitar Combos was tested on a Mac G4 running OSX and if the Core Audio drivers used are typical of those found on any other system, nobody should have any problems with latency - you pick a note and it’s as instant as playing through a real amp. Something that is missing though is some of the feel of a real amp, the response you get from varying your playing dynamics when using a real valve amp. To be fair though, that is a trait that is fairly typical of digital amp modelling and doesn't really detract from the pleasure of using this software.

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