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In-depth Feature:  Behringer BCF2000
Rob G writes: .

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Control Elements

The V-Pots and switches
The assignable controllers are mainly to the right of unit, arranged in groups of eight. Along the top are 8 continuous rotary controllers, which double as push buttons. Around each encoder are a circle of LEDs that indicate the current ?position? of the control. These LEDs respond to the MIDI control information received from a sequencer or other software/hardware to provide realtime feedback of settings. These LEDs can vary in their display - either using one/two LEDs to indicate the current position, or progressively turning on LEDs from the zero (volume-like) or center (pan-like) position.

Below these are two rows of 8 buttons, each sporting an inset LED. These can function either as 'command' encoders - in which case the button lights momentarily to indicate that a message has been sent - or as 'toggle' encoders, in which case the button remains lit to indicate whether the status is 'on' or 'off'.

All the rotary encoders and push buttons mentioned so far are further grouped, within each preset, within 4 encoder groups, selectable by 4 buttons below the LED display. Each encoder group has its own assignments for each preset - allowing a total of 32 rotary encoders and 64 push encoders per preset.

Four assignable buttons
Occupying the main part of the BCF2000?s front panel, are the 8 automated faders. With a sequencer capable of providing control feedback, these update in realtime to settings in a mix. In use, these work well - responding to MIDI parameter feedback well, if with something of a juddery motion.

Finally, a group of 4 extra assignable buttons are positioned in the bottom left of the unit. These are typically assigned to non-channel based functions, like MIDI Machine Control (MMC) messages.

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