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In-depth Feature:  TC Electronic TC Thirty
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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The graphic representation does not look much like an AC30. Visually there are a couple of options. You can choose whether or not to see the speakers and you can also set whether their action is shown. With this option they move in and out with the sound which is cute but undoubtedly eats up more DSP than it's worth.

AC TC up close
The TC Thirty is based on the sound of the 'normal' channel on an original (non top boost) early sixties AC30. These amps had three channels but the Brilliant and Tremolo channels don't get a look in here (maybe in a future software update?) neither does the single tone knob which is no big deal as it is modeled in the full treble position in which it is invariably set anyway in the real world - the real amp would just sound dull any other way. The controls for the amp consist of a couple of virtual chickenhead knobs, one for setting the input gain and one that recreates the actual output volume. The treble boost controls take up far more panel space and consist of a switch for turning it on plus two more - a three way and a four-way - to set up the sound. The three-way switch determines just how much distortion that the treble boost brings to the party. The 'original' setting is the strongest, 'Crunch' adds a bit of edge but is more gentle in character while 'Clean' is altogether a more subtle proposition. The other switch sets the peak frequency at which the treble boost operates and hence which part of the tonal range is emphasized the choice is of 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz and 4 kHz.

Two other switches use up more DSP power but one brings in a 'No latency' mode which reduces any possible latency in your system for a more instant playing response while the other reduces aliasing.

There are a small range of preset settings with the TC Thirty but you can save any of your own sounds and there's also an A and B memory so you can quickly switch between two settings for comparison purposes but these are just a temporary buffer and not saved when the computer is shut down. All parameters can be altered via MIDI control.

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