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In-depth Feature:  Modulating Modular Madness: two MOTM users share their experiences with us
Ken Joyce writes: .

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Larry Hendry
Larry Hendry

“I have been building (and somewhat using) my MOTM modular for over two years. I am Synthesis Technology customer # 6, so I guess if nothing else, that means I have been there from the start.

I am one of those guys that is into making music and also into the technical side of the business. I enjoy working on gear almost as much as I enjoy making music with it. So, I decided I would like to have a modular synth to expand my sound arsenal. The open architecture of modular opens up sonic possibilities that just do not exist with non-patchable synths. So, my journey with MOTM began as a quest to determine what modular I wanted to have.

I subscribed to a mailing list of very knowledgeable and polite gentlemen called Synth-DIY. These guys build their own synths and are very willing to share ideas, schematics, plans, success and failure stories. All around, it is a great place for info for someone wanting to get started in synth building. As much as I wanted to build my own modular synth from scratch, I knew it was beyond my own technical abilities. So, I decided I would look at commercially produced units or kits. It was about this time I bumped into Paul Schreiber on Synth-DIY. MOTM was born out of discussion on Synth-DIY. Paul did a lot of listening to what us non-designers wanted and asked a lot of questions. Finally one day he said, "If I make kits like this, will you buy?" I am paraphrasing. Several of us said, "yes."

Paul started producing and releasing modules in early 1998, one at a time, each about 2 months apart. Although the modules are available assembled, most of us were buying kits at the time. I have been buying at least one of everything Paul releases since that time.

MOTM modules offer something that no one else offers in a kit. They are the ultimate in quality design and part selection. I do not intend to speak against the other module kits that are available. But, they are aimed at a market more concerned with price than with quality. Paul has always made quality a MOTM priority. Some other modulars out there offer some decent quality. But, they are not available as kits, and the prices are much higher than MOTM. Paul is the only one filling this niche.

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