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In-depth Feature:  Cakewalk Sonar 3
Rob G writes: .

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Sonar 3.0 Producer Edition comes on 3 CD's. The program itself and plug-ins come on the first CD, with the remaining two holding sound banks for the included VSampler DXi. A particularly welcome sight (especially for new users) will be the inclusion of a 644-page hard copy manual in the box.

Installation is a breeze - simply insert the first CD and follow the on-screen instructions. Copy protection is achieved through entering a serial number as part of the installation - but online registration is required to use all the features of the VSampler DXi, or to access extras available for download from Cakewalk's website.

The first time Sonar 3.0 is run, it automatically runs the Wave Profiler utility to determine the correct audio and MIDI timings for your sound card. The Wave Profiler profiles WDM drivers and, if none is found, MME drivers (MME drivers use earlier multimedia extensions interfaces that cause higher latency than the newer WDM driver model). If your system has both WDM and MME soundcards, you may opt to use the WDM drivers in MME mode to allow access to both cards - but this is not recommended due to the loss of performance on the newer WDM driver.

Sonar 3.0 also supports ASIO drivers - again, however, the choice of driver mode is exclusive - any WDM or MME sound cards will not be accessible while operating in ASIO mode.

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