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In-depth Feature:  Vermona RetroVerb
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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Nice rear
A 19 inch unit shaped like an extremely flat bread bin (pitta , naan and ciabatta only folks) with retro Moog-style wooden end cheeks the Retroverb won't slot into a rack but will sit nicely on top of one or on your desktop. All the inputs and outputs (1/4" jacks) and the socket for the 12V wall wart PSU are tucked away round the back panel. Retroverb is a stereo in stereo out unit so you get left and right inputs with the right input being available for mono input and left and right outputs. There are also a bunch of six 1/4" jack inputs for triggering and footswitching functions. Two trigger inputs are for triggering the envelope generator and the Crash function, they work with either a gate signal (perhaps from a modular system) or with an audio signal like a short percussive sound.

There is also a CV/Pedal input where you can use an external control voltage or an expression/volume pedal for controlling the filter's cutoff frequency. Each of these three inputs has its own adjacent sensitivity trimmer that can be adjusted with a small screwdriver. Footswitchable functions provided by the three footwitch sockets duplicate the actions of the front panel switches in turning the VCF and VCA on and off and bypassing the effects.


Retroverb up front
The Retroverb has four modes of operation selected from a front panel knob. The first two modes provide the full functionality of the spring coupled with EQ and the VCF/VCA. The difference between the two is that where mode 1 provides a normal stereo output, mode 2 reverses the phase of the right channel to provide a different tonality. Modes 3 and 4 eschew the spring for reverb and send the signal through the EQ and VCF/VCA only, as before the right channel of mode 4 is phase reversed. The EQ is two band (bass and treble) with 15dB of cut or boost while the analogue filter is a 12dB low pass affair with cutoff frequency and resonance controls plus an EG INT knob which works in a positive and negative direction determining the amount by which the attack/decay envelope modulates the cutoff frequency.

The envelope generator has knobs for attack and decay and a Trigger sensitivity control to set the level of input signal that will trigger the envelope. There is also however a repeat switch that activates an internal clock for rhythmic retriggering of the envelope, a speed knob governs this while a flashing LED indicates the speed.

At the output there are two knobs - a mix control which runs from 100% wet to 100% dry and an overall output level control.

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