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In-depth Feature:  Novation Bass Station Plugin
Bruno writes: .

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What's It All About?

The main page

Utilising Novation’s Liquid Analogue synth engine, as found in the V-Station, the Bass Station is a relatively simple synth featuring 2 Sawtooth or Square wave oscillators, a resonant low pass filter, 2 ADSR envelope generators and a midi sync able LFO which can be used to modulate the filter or either oscillator simultaneously.

The oscillators have switch controls for wave shape and rotaries for modulation which can be controlled via envelope, LFO or pulse width, the pulse width itself can be set manually, by envelope or LFO. Oscillator 2 can be detuned by upto 5 octaves against oscillator 1 using a mixture of the range and detune controls. A balance pot sets the relative levels of oscillators 1 and 2 in your sound.

The Filter Section features a basic low pass filter, which can be switched between 12db and 24db per octave; this allows you to emulate the sounds of both the fat sounding 24db Moog style synths and also the nastier sounding 12db Korg and Yamaha style. The filter has controls for frequency, resonance and LFO or envelope modulation.

The Envelopes are both of the ADSR variety and have a control for velocity sensitivity; they are also switchable between auto, single and multiple triggering. This affects the way in which the envelope works when a note is held down and other notes are played.

The LFO has a manual speed control or can be synced to the sequencers internal tempo at various speeds between 1 bar and 1 32nd triplet. Its shape is can be either triangle, sawtooth or random. A delay control enables the LFO trigger to fade in after the note is struck.

The Master section has an overall volume control, a portamento level for those 303 style basses, master tune control and a switch for oscillator sync on/off. There are pitchbend and modulation wheels whose functions can be altered in the setup page. The pitchbend has a range of 0 – 12 semitones and the mod wheel can be used for pitch or filter modulation or a combination of both.

The setup page
The Setup page also has settings for aftertouch and breath control, the inclusion of breath control allows for detailed dynamic automation of envelope, filter and pitch parameters. A preferences section of this page deals with the way in which the plug-in works, whether the pots work in a linear or rotary fashion, how programs are stored and if your sequencer allows whether you can change patches via the computers numeric keypad.

Last but not least a memory section allows you to save or restore programs as sysex information and very neatly enables you to import sysex patches from hardware versions of both keyboard and rack Bass Stations.

At final noteworthy feature is the inclusion of a touch sensitive keyboard done in software, if you play near the bottom of the note the velocity value is around 127, decreasing to around 1 at the top.

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