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In-depth Feature:  Edirol PCR-30 USB MIDI Control
Nick B writes: .

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USB and The Rear Connections

The PCR-30 around the back
The PCRs can be USB bus powered, so you can drive this from a laptop for a portable all-in-one setup. Using USB, the PCR communicates directly with your host computer providing a single MIDI out for external devices. What makes the PCR different from many of it’s peers is that you also get an additional MIDI input, so you could use it in conjunction with a set of pads or a second controller device. This feature alone significantly increases the potential applications and could make it the heart of any small computer based setup.

The PCR driver is actually more complex than just a straight 2-in 1-out. It is possible to route the keyboard and controllers to separate MIDI input nodes. There are three possible MIDI sources, the physical MIDI in port, the keyboard and bender/lever and the controllers themselves. Making it possible to use quite complex routing using port assignments the host software. See diagram.

Port diagram

I installed the PCR on Windows 2000 and Mac G4 laptops with no problems at all – it’s probably the smoothest of any USB MIDI installation I’ve come across, once the device and driver is installed you’re just a re-boot away from using the controller. It’s then a simple matter of selecting the PCR input and or out put in your host application.

Power may be sourced from either the USB or the (included) external power supply. You may have noticed the two pedal inputs – one for sustain or hold (P1) and expression (P2). The expression pedal can accept variable type foot pedals such as a volume or expression pedal. Both pedals can be assigned (as with the other controllers) to transmit any MIDI messages.

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