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In-depth Feature:  Kenton Spin Doctor
Nick B writes: .

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The Spin Doctor has 25 memories for storing setups, the first six come preset (though overwriteable) to: Program 0: Volumes on MIDI channels 1 – 16
Program 1: Pans on MIDI channels 1 – 16
Program 2: Controllers 1 – 16 all on the global MIDI channel (default = 1)
Program 3: Controllers 17 – 32 all on the global MIDI channel (default = 1)
Program 4: Controllers 33 – 48 all on the global MIDI channel (default = 1)
Program 5: Controllers 49 – 64 all on the global MIDI channel (default = 1)

Now you may at this point be a little worried that you have to program all the rest to suit your setup – which indeed you can, though I wouldn’t recommend it with the limited editing functions available from the front panel. However, to get you going, Kenton have designed the Spin Doctor to be compatible with their other Control Freak range and this means that you have access to the library of templates available at their website. Spin Doctor is compatible with the 16 channel Control Freak Live and Studio edition profiles though at present, not the original 8 channel Freak

But How Do I Edit?
Basic editing is available from the front panel, primarily these cover the global functions such as global MIDI channel, program change transmission, storing new profiles etc. It is possible to edit the CC numbers for individual knobs but this is about as far as it goes. For deeper editing such as SYSEX , RPN and NRPN you’ll definitely want to use the Virtual Spin Doctor editor.

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