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In-depth Feature:  Access Virus Indigo TDM
Bruno writes: .

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Access all Oscillators
Installation of the Indigo plug-in is very straight forward although you do need an iLok security dongle for authorization, this is a USB dongle which accepts sim cards similar to those in mobile phones and is available from Technical Earth Ltd, for around £35 (€54,US$56).

The layout of the plug-in is similar to the original TDM Virus, 6 main pages contain the controls for all parameters and an extra “easy” page enables quick access to basic oscillator, filter, envelope and effects settings. The pages are clearly laid out with a knob or switch per parameter and option based settings on pull down menus.

This layout is a major plus for Virus fans, during the course of my review I had an actual hardware Indigo 2 for comparison and although the sound quality is almost identical, the control panel has many hidden features only available through rather complicated menus. I am sure that previous Virus users are used to the hierarchy implemented in this method of parameter selection, but as someone new to this range, I often found myself going around in circles when trying to edit a sound. The other plus point with the plug-in is that since everything can be automated from the Protools sequencer, having clear access to the controls makes programming very simple and intuitive.

LFO page
The 3 oscillators each feature 64 possible wave shapes and individual semitone and detune pitch control, a shape control on oscillators 1 and 2 adds progressively more sawtooth. Oscillators 1 and 2 have controls for key follow and pulse width and oscillator 2 has syncable 5 mode FM (Frequency Modulation). The Sub Oscillator is slaved from oscillator 1 and adds a tone 1 octave below this. Unison mode enables stacking of up to 16 voices and also features pan and LFO phase controls. A mixer at the bottom of the page can be used to balance all elements.

The LFOs have controls for send to oscillators, pulse width and resonance for LFO 1 and filter, shape and panorama for LFO 2. LFO 3 and an additional destination in LFOs 1 and 2 can be assigned to virtually any synth parameter via pull down menus.

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