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In-depth Feature:  Emagic Waveburner Pro 2.2
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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In Use
The main Waveburner Pro working environment is the Wave View window - where the audio files are very clearly presented as two parallel tracks of stereo waveforms, consecutive files being placed on the opposite track to the previous one allowing the amount of overlap to be seen when setting up any crossfades. The stereo files are known in Waveburner-speak as regions, more often than not a region will be a whole song but any region can be divided with a scissors tool into smaller separate regions if desired - a useful function if separate plug-in processing is needed for different sections of a song.

Main Wave View window

Waveform display size can be readily altered with the zoom tool and there is always a smaller display with a complete overview of all the audio at the bottom of the page so you can see exactly where you are and quickly click on to get to where you need to be. Most editing tasks can be carried out by grabbing and moving - in the wave display regions can be dragged closer or further apart and a linear crossfade is automatically created when two files overlap. Crossfades can be easily edited to change the fade length or to create convex or concave envelopes. Start and end points can be trimmed and overall volumes for each region can be altered by moving a horizontal line which changes to one of three colours indicating when the level is at maximum, clipping or under modulating.

Markers for track start and pause are inserted automatically at the start and end of the region when audio files are imported but it is an easy matter to change their positioning and fresh markers can be inserted simply by using a drag and drop function. A second pair of windows, the Track window and the Region window, present the CD tracks and regions in list form. As the running order of the tracks cannot be altered directly in the Wave View window or even the Track window, the Region window fulfills this major function with instant changes carried out by a simple dragging and dropping procedure.

Overall, the amount of work you can do in constructing your CD and tailoring tracks to fit together is comprehensive, even before any plug-ins are involved but for those who just wish to quickly burn a CD without getting involved in any edits at all there is a simple mode that automatically places the tracks complete with markers and pauses and with 2 second gaps between them for immediate burning.

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