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In-depth Feature:  Cakewalk SONAR 2.0
Rob G writes: .

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First impressions
An initial glance at Sonar 2.0 reveals that the user-interface has changed little since version 1.3 - simple but extremely functional. A user of previous versions will feel immediately at home, especially since all their preferences will have come along for the ride. Existing projects could be opened with no problems - making the transition to the new version a breeze.

One of Sonar’s key features has always been its ability to work natively with groove clips. These are short audio clips that have been encoded with their tempo and pitch information. These clips automatically respond to changes in the project’s tempo and can have their pitch adjusted. Groove clips can be imported from Sonic Foundry’s ACID, or created entirely within Sonar.

For groove creation, Sonar supports both basic slices - creating slices at regular note intervals from whole note to 1/64th note and transient detection - creating markers according to detection of transients in the waveform (similar to ReCycle). The tools provided by Sonar in this capability are basic, but functional. User’s wanting to use the further flexibility offered by ReCycle clips retain the option of using the Dr. Rexx player included with Reason through the new ReWire support.

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