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In-depth Feature:  Novation K-Station
Nick B writes: .

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The K is a virtual analog: it’s waveforms are modelled by a DSP chip: the Motorola 56362 for those who like to know. This same chip is used in the A-Station and as a result allows 100% compatibility between A and K patches.

The oscillators – of which the K has three - all identical, have SINE, TRIANGLE, SAW SQUARE waveforms. The pulse-width of the SQUARE wave can be modulated from any or all of three mod sources – manual, LFO2 or Envelope. The pulse-width control, when applied to the other waveforms give what Novation call a Double Wave. When position is selected with the pw select button and the position pot is fully clockwise, the waveform becomes doubled – eg: it sounds as if two oscillators are playing though you are in fact only using one. In fact, with no modulation the waves will cancel each other out.The phase offset of the doubling can be modulated by the LFo's which makes for a very thick sounding waveform with no loss of polyphony.

Each Oscillator is switchable over 4 octaves with an additional +/- 1 octave with the semi-tone control. Finer tuning/detuning comes from the dedicated de-tune knob (+/- 50cents). This effectively gives you a 6-octave range for each oscillator, which can give you some interesting tones bordering on additive synthesis. Oscillators are switchable between mono, mono with auto-glide, poly 1 and poly 2 modes. You also get simple FM synthesis with additional envelope modulation –parameters accessible via the Osc menu. (preset 209)

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