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In-depth Feature:  EMU Proteus 2000
Albert Potts writes: .

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In Use
I found the Proteus 2000 to be very easy to learn and use in a number of different settings. It has quickly become my main gigging box, and I also use it for sequencing. Programming is a breeze thanks to the logical menu structure and large Data/Entry Wheel. Incidentally, the Data/Entry Wheel is speed sensitive, so if you whip it around fast it jumps through the number much more quickly than when you twist it slowly. This saves time when scrolling through numerous patches and parameters.

The editing parameters use standard musical terms that mean exactly what they say. The four Realtime Control Knobs allow for quick adjustments of patches on the fly. You simply select the row of the edit grid you need with the Control Button, and twist the appropriate knob to tweak to your hearts content. These changes can be saved the same as any edits made in the edit menu.

The Proteus 2000 is loaded with thoughtful touches that help make editing patches easy and quick. For example, in some editing situations there can be a lot of cursoring around the screen, so Emu has provided what they call Deep Edit mode. With Deep Edit enabled the four Realtime Control Knobs function as data wheels and will change their corresponding parameter on the second line of the LCD without moving the cursor. This feature makes it a snap to edit the same parameter in different layers. The Proteus 2000 is one of the few synths I prefer to edit from the front panel rather than from a computer.

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