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In-depth Feature:  Pulsar II Card
One of the most powerful budget DSP cards available
Traviss Willcox writes: .

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First thing to watch out for when handling the card is that the card is physically wider than most standard PCI cards, having a second board sandwiched on top near the connectors. I had to move a couple of other cards in the PC around to make sure it fitted in.

The installation instructions miss out one step, but it's obvious enough what to do unless you're a complete novice. Totally painless, and less than ten minutes, including a couple of reboots - fair enough.

The quick start guide is better than most and contains some useful troubleshooting information. There in an online manual in Adobe pdf format on the CD, which is much more comprehensive, but a little disorganised. For the cost of the card I think a printed manual would have been a reasonable expectation. Ahem!

The Pulsar II PCI card features six Analog Devices SHARC DSPs. Compared to its predecessor, this is a 50% increase in DSP power. This permits the simultaneous use of more synths, FX and mixer functions, or higher polyphony for the sound generators. Furthermore, Pulsar II now features a second independent S/TDM buss for seamless integration with other SCOPE DSP cards.

In terms of connectivity, Pulsar II is very flexible. The inputs and outputs are situated on a daughterboard, which can easily be connected to the DSP card. In its basic configuration, the system features 20 I/Os (stereo analog, stereo S/P-DIF and 2x ADAT). Thanks to the 24-bit/96kHz A-D/D-A converters, sample rates supported are 24-100kHz, with 32-bit audio buss architecture.

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