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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments B4
You probably won't find this sound, this good or this cheap. Or this portable…
Bruno writes: .

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  • Summary .

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    The software synth took a turn last year as both Native Instruments and Steinberg released their versions of classic keyboards, the Prophet 5 and the MiniMoog respectively, quickly followed by Waldorf's PPG Synth. Native Instruments, however, have turned off the synth highway into a keyboard side-road and put a whole Hammond Organ inside your computer.

    The B4 comes in both Mac and PC formats out of the same box. This reviewer is the proud owner of a Blue + White Mac G3 tower - we haven't used it on the PC, but assume it's as easy setup.

    Installation is straightforward: a full install option places the B4 plug-in and B4 stand-alone on your hard drive along with support for MotU's Digital Performer and Digidesign's Direct Connect. OMS is required but those of you without it can download v2.3.8 free from Opcode's website.

    Once installed, an HTML file informs you of important facts regarding latency and Logic Audio compatibility, plus also some recent additions to the software.

    When you first open the B4 the CD is requested for authorization. As is standard with Native Instruments products this will be needed at various times (usually as you are putting a mix down, or when the CD is at home and you're not).

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