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In-depth Feature:  Behringer BCF2000
Rob G writes: .

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System Requirements
Refreshingly, system requirements are incredibly simple to state –
Windows XP or Macintosh OS X. The device is a generic USB MIDI device, and automatically recognised by the operating system. A MIDI device driver is available online that also works with Windows 2000.
USB Interface
MIDI In, Out A, Out B / Thru
8 motorised 100mm faders (BCF2000)
24 rotary encoders with LED rings (BCR 2000)
8 infinitely-variable rotary encoders with LED rings.
20 programmable keys
10 system keys (4 encoder group, 4 programming and 2 preset)
4-digit, 7-segment LED display
Footswitch - 1 _” TS connector with automatic polarity detection
Foot pedal – 1 _” TRS connector

Reading through some of the above gripes, you may get the impression that I’m not overly impressed with this unit. Wrong. These are all relatively minor details – the fact is that the BCF 2000 provides a stunning control surface with full parameter feedback, at a price that will leave the competition gasping. While editing may be a bit over-complex, it is not a day-to-day task with the unit. Once a reasonable set of presets have been created, together with complementary mappings in your software of choice, you will rarely find yourself pressing the “Edit” or “Learn” buttons at all.

Working with automated mixes is a real pleasure. The value of having real physical feedback of your faders, with the ability to “grab and tweak” cannot be understated. It really does make mixing and refining mixes much easier – although again issues may exist with support from software. This is an area I expect to keep getting better, so expect new releases to provide progressively improved support.

Overall, I was so impressed with the BCF 2000, especially at the price, that I’m loathe to return it. Hopefully, some arrangement can be reached…

B-Control Fader 2000 £180, € 270, $260 (RRP)
B-Control Rotary 2000 £140, € 210, $200 (RRP)

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