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In-depth Feature:  Behringer BCF2000
Rob G writes: .

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Online Resources
Behringer ( supply a number of resources online for the BCF2000 and BCR2000 that supplement the out-of-the-box resources. Among these are firmware revisions (see below), Windows MIDI driver updates, updated manuals (documenting the undocumented features listed above), and a variety of presets for common applications including: Native Instruments B4, Pro53 and Spektral Delay, Steinberg Cubase SX, Groove Agent and HALion, Logic Platinum 5.5.1, Reason, and Sonar 3.0, as well as a few “standard” presets, such as simple mixers, GS/XG setups, and “controller only” setups.

Note however the caveats described in the “In Use” section regarding use of presets. They are often useful starting points, but so far I’ve found all the settings I use in real work have been heavily customised to suit the demands of the project in question.

Other useful resources available online include templates, for recording details of presets, that overlay the relevant controls on the front panel, a Windows update utility that simplifies loading firmware updates. Promised in the near future (and eagerly awaited by this reviewer) is a software editor which should simplify the process of creating and recording presets.

Firmware Revision 1.06
Revision 1.06, available online, adds 4 new emulation modes. Using these, the BCF2000 emulates commonly used control surface and sequencer combinations. Emulations available include:

Mackie control mapping for Cubase SX and Nuendo.
Logic control mapping for Emagic Logic Audio.
Mackie control mapping for Sonar 3.0.
Mackie Baby HUI mapping for various applications – including Cubase SX/Nuendo and Pro Tools.

An emulation mode is entered at power-up by holding one of the push buttons during power-up. Once emulating, the BCF 2000 loses all its editing and preset functions – the functionality is completely determined by the model being emulated. However, this is still useful for controlling some software (notably Sonar) that otherwise are incapable of sending parameter feedback to the BCF 2000. Also available online is a BCF Viewer utility, that displays the current settings when running in emulation mode, emulating the hardware display of Mackie/Logic hardware – note that this does not work in Baby HUI mode.

Additional enhancements in revision 1.06 include the ability to store parameter values permanently with a preset, and a global setting for dead-time to avoid MIDI loop back problems with some applications (notably Ableton Live) – preventing the BCF 2000 responding to control movements from a sequencer within a specifiable (0 to 1000 ms) of it being manually adjusted.

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