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In-depth Feature:  Arturia Moog Model V
This is a very solid and rich sounding synth that should become a mainstay in everyone's plug-in list
Bruno writes: .

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In the history of synthesizers there is one that stands out above all others as the most versatile, solid and reliable. It needs no introduction; the Moog Minimoog has been used on everything from 70's prog rock, through cringe worthy 80's pop to some of the hardest and deepest dance music of the last 10 years. Often copied, in both hardware and software form, certainly never bettered and until now not even equalled.

The Minimoog has a quality of its own, from instantly recognisable lead lines to the original trouser shaking bass, this beast will find a home with any musician, in any style of music.

Following the success of their TAE based Moog Modular V and CS-80 V, Arturia bring the Minimoog to computer-based musicians with their usual attention to detail and just enough extra refinements so that even owners of the hardware originals should take note.

The Minimoog V arrives on CD and supports VST, DXI and RTAS protocols on Windows. VST, RTAS and HTDM using Mac OSX and VST, RTAS, HTDM and MAS under Mac OS9. Additionally it will run as a standalone application on all operating systems.

Authorisation is via a serial number included with the CD, so it is up and running in no time at all. By registering online you will gain access to updates and extra preset banks.

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