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In-depth Feature:  EMU E4XT Ultra
To my knowledge, no other manufacturer offers as well a thought out and executed system of combining sampler and synth products.
Albert Potts writes: .

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Intro pt 2
  • In use 1
  • In use 2
  • 32 Channel Midi
  • EOS Link and Keyboard Remote
  • Beat Munging, Filters and Resampling
  • Conclusions .

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    The E4xt Ultra is Emu System's top of the line sampler, and as you would expect from a sampler with its heritage, it has a mature and stable operating system, a huge feature list, and great sound. This sampler comes ready to go to work right out of the box. I have at times purchased hardware or software where I felt as though I was taking part in a public beta testing program, and such is certainly NOT the case here!

    The tested hardware included two upgrades to my E4xt Ultra not on the base models: an additional 64 meg of RAM to bring the total up the maximum of 128 meg (highly recommended), and the analog output expander which brings the total of balanced outputs on TRS connectors up to 16. Otherwise, the unit being reviewed is the stock E4xt Ultra.

    Standard features of the E4xt Ultra include: 128 voice polyphony, 64 meg RAM upgradable to 128 meg, 32 channel midi, 3.2 meg internal IDE hard drive, AES/EBU digital IN/OUT (44.1 or 48), eight analog outs configured as mains plus three pairs of stereo subs, SCSI, word clock IN/OUT, and the ability to use any PC/AT keyboard as a remote controller. The front panel sports a large easy to read LCD display (with a screensaver), a floppy drive, a large rotary dial for data inputting, numeric keypad, six function buttons under the LCD for negotiating menus, dedicated buttons for entering Preset and sample modes, as well as buttons for Disk/Browse and Master system functions. In addition, the user is given three buttons that are user definable. There are also Enter and Exit buttons, Previous and Next, and finally "Audition".

    I felt I had all the tools needed to easily navigate the machine from the front panel, but I would love for Emu to add some Realtime Control Knobs like those on the Proteus 2000. I also prefer the audition button on the Proteus 2000, which plays a short user defined sequence. The E4xt audition button plays just one note, which is handy but not as useful as the new Proteus style audition feature.

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