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In-depth Feature:  Roland Fantom XR
Albert Potts writes: .

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The Hardware
The Hardware

Fantom XR front (click for closeup)
The front panel is packed with controls. From the left there is the headphone jack, output and input volume controls, and the LCD with midi, USB, and peak indicators. Next up we come to the navigation controls: a value dial surrounded on four corners by Menu, Shift, Exit, and Enter buttons. Adjacent to the LCD is a small keypad with Dec and Inc controls, along with the expected up, down, right, left cursors buttons. To the right of these is the PC card slot situated just below four very important controls:

Mode buttons
Mode, which switches between patch and performance modes, Group, which switches between the various patch banks, FX, which allows you to easily turn the effects processor sections on or off, ARP, where you turn the arp/hold/and chord functions on and off, and finally, Sampling, which gets you into the sampling functions.

It's worth noting that most buttons are double function, so there is some learning needed to get around the Fantom XR. However, the layout is logical, making navigating the menus speedy once the button sequences are learned.

Around the back
The rear panel of the Fantom XR sports stereo sample inputs, a USB port, four independent outputs configured as two stereo pairs, Midi In/Out/Thru, and SPDIF I/O. There is also a standard IEC power connector for the internal power supply.

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    Ray Phenicie    Said...

    I fully agree with the hardware vs. software evaluation. I've upgraded the Cakewalk sequencing program three different times before switching to the Cubase 4. My E-mu Proteus 2000 still runs fine and I have to wonder sometimes if maybe we've been enslaved by the tyrants at Intel and Microsoft.

    29-Jul-07 12:50 AM

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