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In-depth Feature:  Presonus Central Station
Albert Potts writes: .

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Random Thoughts
I find very little to quibble about with the Central Station.

Regarding fit and finish, a minor complaint I have is that if you release the front panel push buttons with a snap, they sometimes pop out of their housing. They have stops, so they don't pop out across the room, but they will stick out almost half an inch. Getting them to seat properly again can be fiddly. Seems like these buttons should have better stops on them to prevent them from popping forward like this.

The compact CSR-1 remote is great, but I would have liked it to have the same LED metering as the rack mounted base unit. That would have no doubt added to it's very modest and reasonable price, but metering would be a nice addition and worth the extra cost in my opinion. Additionally, I found the Mic Level volume control on the remote to be a bit wobbly. Not sure if that is just the unit that was sent to me, but I would prefer it to be as solid as the mic level volume control on the main unit (all the knobs on the rack unit are quite solid).

Well, that's it, a pretty pathetic few complaints if I may say so myself. I usually like to needle the manufacturer a bit more than that, but Presonus hasn't given me opportunity to do so this time around. Hmmph.

Summing Up
Previously, the expensive high-end source/speaker switcher units had all the features you could want but were out of reach of many home/project studio owners, and the low priced units were often quite basic and short on DAW-friendly features.

Presonus has found a way to bridge between these worlds, offering tons of features DAW users will love in an extremely useful and well designed unit. The nice sounding 24/192k DA converters are a major plus, and are good enough to use for more than just monitoring. Finally, Presonus has kept the price low enough so that nearly anyone with a DAW can afford the Central Station.

After using the Central Station for a few weeks, I'm hooked and don't know how I ever got by without it.

Central Station: $699.95 (Suggested Retail)
Central Station Remote Price: $199 (Suggested Retail)

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