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In-depth Feature:  Presonus Central Station
I don't know how I ever got by without it.
Albert Potts writes: .

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How did Presonus know I needed the Central Station before I knew I needed it? How did they know what feature set would work perfectly in my DAW-based studio before I did? How did they know what price I was willing to pay for such an item? They must have spies everywhere. Either that, or on their own they came up with a cleverly designed and well built product that fills an important need for many studio owners. Probably that second thing.

The Presonus Central Station's primary function is that of a speaker switcher and source switcher. But it is more than that, offering many signal routing features needed by users of computer based recording systems. It features: two headphone outputs with individual volume controls and Cue/Mix switching, a talkback function with built-in mic and volume control, digital inputs on SPDIF and TOSlink, up to 24/192k DA converters, 30-segment peak/hold LED metering you can see from across the room, mute/dim/mono buttons, speaker trim controls for the three speaker output sets, and a master level control. All the push buttons are lit, allowing the user to easily see signal status and routing through the Central Station.

According to Presonus, the analog signal path is entirely passive, meaning that the unit will add little to no coloration to the signal you pass through it. This is crucial, as the last thing you want is to make mix decisions based on coloration you hear from a speaker switcher.

Nice rear don't you think?
The rear panel of the Central Station has six sections: the SPDIF/TOSlink digital inputs, three stereo speaker outputs, Cue and Main line outputs, three stereo sets of analog inputs (two TRS and one RCA), the remote control input connector, and the talkback section with an XLR mic input and 1/4" pedal input so you can switch the talkback on/off without using the front panel control. Very handy if you are using the CS with it's remote.

Speaking of the remote, Presonus offers the CSR-1 as an option for the Central Station. The CSR-1 remote has a talkback push button and built in mic with volume control, input/output select, main volume controls.

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