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In-depth Feature:  TC Electronic PowerCore: Filtroid & Voice Modeler
Fat Elvis writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Stability 100% no problems encountered.
Bang for the Buck 70% Ok - but you do need a powercore.
Ease of use 80% lots of parameters to get your head around.
Versatility 90% Both offer a wide pallette of sounds.
Sounds/Results 90% Usual TC quality.
Overall:   86% Sonic State Editors Choice

By separating the pitch and the character of a human voice and manipulating them to your taste the Voice Modeler gives you a massive amount of control over the sound of a voice. Of course, the ultimate effect depends on the voice that you start with but if you want to subtly change a voice to sit better in the mix, create the illusion of backing vocals from a single voice or just mangle it out of all recognition for the fun of it this is the business.

As for the Filtroid, there's not much to say except that it sounds great, is capable of extreme filter effects and would be an asset to any computer-based recording setup.

Filtroid and Voice Modeler are both priced at:
€215 $249 £179

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