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In-depth Feature:  TC Electronic PowerCore: Filtroid & Voice Modeler
Fat Elvis writes: .

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Voice Modeler Overview

Voice Modeler
Voice Modeler has a fairly straightforward interface with a vertical row of six editable vocal characteristics known as effects each with a number of selectable 'styles'. Once an effect is engaged and a style selected, the amount of the effect (as a percentage) can be dialled in using a horizontal slider. The results on the voice for each of the six effects that is engaged is graphically displayed in a scrolling window like an ER heart monitor. The Resonance effect works on the harmonic content of the voice and can change it for a heavier or lighter sound that relates directly to the resonances found in the chest or in the head and throat while the Spectral effect basically introduces various preset EQ curves. The next two effects are Breath and Growl which add exactly more of what you would expect controls marked breath and growl to add. Inflection works on the more individual human aspects of the voice and includes things like the amount of portamento between notes, bending up or down to pitch at the start of a note and pitch and timing randomization.

Finally, Vibrato adds vibrato but not in a mechanical sense like a guitar effects pedal. This vibrato has various styles all of which are modeled on the specific vibratos of a selection of real vocalists.

Further adjustments can be made using modulation on the Resonance and Spectral effects. These can have independent amounts of modulation applied by an LFO which has sine, triangle and random (sample and hold) shapes and can be synced to MIDI.

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