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In-depth Feature:  TC Electronic PowerCore: Filtroid & Voice Modeler
Fat Elvis writes: .

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Filtroid Overveiw

The Filtroid screen
With all of its possible variables on show including parameters for an envelope follower and two LFOs, the Filtroid interface looks quite busy at first glance but is actually logically laid out and easy to use. Filtroid's two filters can be used in series or in parallel and each can be configured as either low pass, high pass or band pass with a slope chosen from 12, 18 or 24dB per octave. There are two amplifier parameters for each filter - Drive for adding a touch of distortion and Damp which attenuates the high frequencies for a smoother sound. Each filter's shape and slope is shown in a square window with a vertical axis that represents filter resonance and a horizontal axis that represents filter cut-off. Each window has a 'Dimensional Controller' that can alter the filter cutoff and resonance simultaneously. This takes the form of a small circle with crosshairs that can be grabbed by the mouse and moved around.

An independent LFO with a choice of five waveforms is available for each of the filters with the depth and speed of the modulation being shown in a moving display in a round window.

An envelope follower can track the volume of the input signal to produce modulation that follows its dynamics but it is also possible to modulate from another track via a side chain input. This is carried out by a separate side chain plug-in that is inserted into the track that will be triggering the envelope follower. Both channels of a stereo signal will usually receive the same LFO modulation per filter but this can be changed with a phase inversion switch so that one channel receives inverted modulation to create a dramatic change in the stereo field.

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