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In-depth Feature:  TC Electronic PowerCore: Filtroid & Voice Modeler
Powercore plug-in pair provide superior sonic shapeshifting
Fat Elvis writes: .

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TC Electronic's Powercore DSP platform is rapidly becoming a magnet for third party plug-in developers, the Access Virus synth, Novation V-Station and Sony Oxford EQ being welcome additions to complement the supplied set of native TC plug-ins. TC themselves have not been idle either and are pushing things forward with several interesting effects that have recently become commercially available. Two of these are the TC Electronics Filtroid and the Voice Modeler from TC Helicon, the company's vocal processing offshoot.

Filtroid adds a pair of analog filters with extensive modulation capabilities to your system, while the Voice modeler is a complex tool for messing with a recorded voice to alter it in both subtle and not so so subtle ways. It has a number of adjustable parameters based on the natural characteristics of real human voices that can be used to effect voice transformation by resynthesis methods, whether that just be adding a touch more breathiness or creating robot voices.

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