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In-depth Feature:  MonoMachine SFX-6
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Sound Mangling Elektron Stylee
Those of you familiar with the excellent MachineDrum (see our review) will be pleased to know that the recording of parameters between steps of a sequence is implemented to the max. To recap, while a sequence is playing, you can record changes in parameters over steps in the sequence, allowing exceptionally complex and interesting textures. These parameters are stored with the pattern and make the possibilities for movement and evolution with a sound endless.

On Board Effects

FX routing
Due to the powerful DSP based nature of the Monomachine, there's a whole host of additional effects that can be applied on per voice or at the output via the Effect Machines. Effects algorithms are well chosen to enhance the on board synthesis and greatly add to the overall sound of the Monomachine.

Track Effects include:

  • Headroom Distortion
  • EQ
  • Filter and distortion
  • Sample Rate reduction - for SIDStation style reduction
  • Delay - with control over time, send, feedback and filter

    The Filter

    Monomachine Filter
    The filter is resonant 24dB low/high/band-pass filter. As it states in the well-written manual, the parameters are non-traditional, but effective none the less and providing plenty of scope for classic and unusual filter treatments. It can sound quite authentic, if that's what your after and has a beefiness that should satisfy the filter connoisseur. Capable of bright and brassy sounds and deep low rumbles with all that entails in-between. When controlled with the joystick, it's eminently playable.

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