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In-depth Feature:  MonoMachine SFX-6
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The Machines
Part of the appeal of the Monomachine is in the different forms of synthesis it offers with its dual DSP system. These are fivefold :

- SuperWave is based on analogue synthesis and produces warm and thick sounds. The SuperSaw and SuperPulse allow access to detailed oscillators and sub oscillators. The Ensemble excels at creating polyphonic textures, chords and harmonies.

- SID is based on the synthesis of the SID chip from the Commodore 64. Used in the first Elektron synth, the SidStation, the SID offers one oscillator of high quality MOS 6581 synthesis, complete with ringmod and sync. In practice it creates authentic computer game style sounds.

- DigiPRO offers raw digital waveforms, and is harsh and electrical, its sound prominent in the mix. Also containing the BeatBox, it offers a percussive toolbox shaped in the traditions of the Machinedrum E12 synth.

-FM+ implements frequency modulation algorithms, addressing the complexity problem normally associated with FM synthesis. FM+ provides a fine tuned sound control engine, delivering dynamic musical space age sounds from an intuitive set of parameters.

- VO is the singing voice synthesis engine of the Monomachine. Offering full control over vocal, consonants and voice type, it is inspired by classic voice modelling methods using formant synthesis.

Effects Machines - as well as the synthesis machines, there are three effects machines - Reverb, Chorus and Dynamix. These can be loaded into any of the 6 machine slots and have their signal fed from either an external audio input, the preceeding track output or mix buss (output pair). The possibilities for setting up complex signal routing and processing should have you tweaking for hours and help to make the MonoMachine a self-contained sound source.

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