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In-depth Feature:  MonoMachine SFX-6
Elektron's 6-voice mono offers five classic synthesis methods in one desirable box, and produces spot-on analogue sounds.
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Elektron is known for creating unique, some might say quirky, yet highly desirable instruments, and their latest offering is no exception. Following on from the Machinedrum and SidStation, the Monomachine is a multiple synthesis keyboard, offering a selection of the best classic synthesis technologies in one hardware keyboard. In this age of computer-based systems, it's refreshing to see someone making high quality hardware instruments that not only look great, but sound authentic and have a degree of flexibility that can sometimes be lacking from hardware products. The first thing that strikes you about the Monomachine is the look and build quality. Mixing retro with industrial and futuristic themes, it is the kind of product that stands out from other keyboards, and would certainly be at home in a studio or live setup. The build quality is compact and solid, with a brushed aluminium surface, and the plugs on the rear panel are bolted on, so connections are reassuringly snug.



At the heart of the Monomachine are two elements - the sound generators and the sequencer. Essentially the built-in sequencer works in the same way as traditional drum machine sequencers, but more on that later. The Monomachine offers six tracks for synthesis and sequencing. All tracks are fully independent and accommodate a sound synthesis machine of choice together with a dedicated effects and delay engine. The sound generating structure of the Monomachine is somewhat different from other keyboards, in the sense that these six tracks can be used in different ways depending on how you want to use the unit.

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