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In-depth Feature:  Edirol UR-80
Nick B writes: .

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MIDI Control
Assignable Controls (total 102):
Track Pods: 24 (8 x 3 mode)
Track Faders: 8
Track Status Buttons: 32 (8x4 mode)
Track Group Buttons: 4 (4 status)
Master Fader: 1
Time Dial: 1
Cursor Buttons: 8 (4x on/off shift button)
Function Buttons: 12 (6x on/off shift key)
Transport Buttons: (Record, Play, Stop, Top, Rewind, Forward)
12 (6x on/off shift key)
Preset Memory: 1
User Memory: 7

Audio Capture Device
Record: 2 channels
Playback: 2 channels
Sample rate: 44.1/48/96 kHz
Input Jack 1, 2 (XLR type (phantom power), 1/4 inch TRS phone type)
Digital In Connectors (Coaxial type, Optical type)
Digital Out Connectors (Coaxial type, Optical type)
Headphones Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
378.5(W) x 238.5 (D) x 83.8 (H) mm
14-15/16(W) x 9-7/16(D) x 3-5/16 (H) inches
Weight: 1.65Kg / 3lb 11 oz

So, how does it fare in the MIDI department? I'm a dedicated Apple (formerly Emagic) Logic user so my experiences are, I'm afraid, limited to this particular package. The Edirol website has a pretty good selection of templates to control most popular software packages. You can access them without any registration nonsense which I always appreciate. Should you wish to customize templates, loading up the editor and rolling your own is not terribly difficult as long as you have an understanding of what messages your MIDI equipment responds to.

In the Logic environment, the UR-80 emulates the Logic Control protocol, so Logic thinks it has a Logic Control attached to it. This is a little fiddly to setup - getting the right ports etc but there are good instructions included in the template downloads. Transport control is great, although faders and knobs are little funky to use - the faders start transmitting right away so make sure you know where you started - Sonar users will be pleased to know that you can set it so that moving a fader or knob won't jump the value until you've passed through the actual software faders value - nice, can I have that in Logic please? The assignable pots are slow to move their software counterparts, though this to be fair, is because they are pretending to be v-pots, which of course they are aren't.

A good source of information and help is available from the Yahoo EDPCR group - this covers the PCR range of which the UR-80 can be said to be a close relation. The resident expert there is a chap called Teddybut and Edirol themselves frequent it, so most of your questions can be answered (see links below)

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