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In-depth Feature:  Edirol UR-80
Nick B writes: .

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Nice Behind

Rear connections
Around the back of the unit, are all the connections, with the exception of the monitor out - more on this later. Starting with the power switch and connector - yep, the UR-80 is not USB bus powered, the power supply is of similar style to the common laptop with a unit that takes a 2-pin mains cable in one end. Next is the MIDI in and out for connection to external gear - you'll probably want to run a MIDI keyboard with this to complete your setup, USB input - actually, it would have been good to have a USB hub built in as the unit requires power, why not a couple of extra USB ports on the UR-80 to run your keyboard and dongle?

Digital I/O is in two flavours - the RCA SPDIF and optical too (not ADAT but 2 channel) Next to these is the units Sample rate selector switch with 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz play and 96kHz record positions. The two analog ins are of the dual format type, accepting both XLR and line connections with switchable Hi/Lo -z (impedance) on input 1 and switchable phantom power. The last connections are the headphones and RCA monitor outs, controlled rather niftily,with the dedicated monitor knob - very handy for use with active speaker setups and solves the problem of having a quick way of turning down the volume in an emergency.

What Else?
The box comes with a UK and US power cable (at least my UK model did), a USB lead, manual and software installation CD. You also get a front panel overlay and a bunch of stickers so you can customize the look of the front panel to reflect your chosen MIDI remote setup.

Easy to use UR-80 Editor
Speaking of remote setups, the included software allows you to program your own templates and store them in one of the 8 user templates, and of course to save them on your host computer for backup. This software works fine and allows fairly deep programming of the controls, even down to the behavior of the buttons - momentary, latch or toggle and should give you all the access you need to create a custom setup.

HyperCanvas comes with
Templates are downloadable from the Edirol website and include presets for most of the major software packages.

Hyper Canvas comes bundled with the UR-80 and is a virtual Sound Canvas Synth system plug-in. essentially this is a GM2 compatible soft synth with 128 voice polyphony available across 16 parts. Judging by the accompanying literature, this is aimed at playing back SMF files and comes with 26MB of waveforms.

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