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In-depth Feature:  Edirol UR-80
Audio and MIDI interface with built in control surface under scrutiny
Nick B writes: .

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My quest for the perfect combination of MIDI interface, portable controller and audio interface is currently stopping at the door of Edirol who have released several promising contenders. Currently on test is the UR-80, the USB connected audio interface, come MIDI interface controller.

The UR-80 is an interesting combination, combining USB MIDI and audio with dedicated mixer style MIDI controllers it could be everything that you need for desktop or laptop music mixing -faders, pots, buttons and transport controls. I admit, I was very intrigued, after spending a short time with Mackie's excellent Logic Control, I had been rather spoilt for integration, albeit MIDI only and most closely with Logic, though I did find the size and the rather hefty price tag left me undecided. Cue the UR-80, on paper it has a lot to offer, as well as being small and nicely priced.

So, how did I fare in my quest? - Read on...

The UR-80 on the Mac under OS X, was simply a matter of popping in the installation disc and running the installer. Once this had been done, opening up the Audio MIDI Setup panel gave me the option of the UR-80 as my default audio hardware. That was it, there's also another panel added to system preferences for setting the Audio Buffer size - latency, recording margin and recording timing amounts - although at the time of publishing I couldn't find a definitive answer as to what the latter two parameters actually did..

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