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In-depth Feature:  Korg KPE-1 Entrancer
Andy Mac writes: .

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The KPE-1 rocks! OK, it's a heap more cash to lay out than the Kaoss pad, but hey, compared to the prices of most kit in the broadcast world, it's a steal. If you're a DJ looking to get the edge on the competition, or you run a club and are looking to get into video to liven up your act, this thing's a bargain. Chuck in a DV camera and an LCD projector and you're away.

It has limitations - at present you can only switch between the two video inputs; vision mixing, allowing you to create transition effects would be excellent. Firewire i/o to take DV straight from the camera and output to your NLE would also be on my list of upgrades for version 2. Removable storage, too, so you could create and use your own clips, but I guess that might be getting away from the performance ethos behind the Kaoss pad series. Throw in a carry case and get rid of the crappy PSU, and I'd be in bliss.

Seems that music technology companies have twigged that manipulating image data in the digital domain is no different to audio - it's all number-crunching. Roland/Edirol were early players and have released a string of video products; if Korg carries the torch with the Entrancer, we're in for interesting times ahead.

Shockingly good fun ;-)

Korg KPE-1 Entrancer List price $1100 /849 UKP

Korg UK tel: 01908 857100

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