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In-depth Feature:  Korg KPE-1 Entrancer
If you run a club and are looking to get into video to liven up your act, this thing's a bargain
Andy Mac writes: .

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How many DJs have you come across? Probably quite a few - world+dog seems to either be, wanna-be or know someone who is. But how many 'VJ's are you aware of? Betcha you could count 'em on the fingers of one hand& wearing mittens ;-)

But Korg could maybe change all that with their latest incarnation of the funky finger-fun Kaoss pads - the KPE-1 Entrancer.

It could be argued - and heck, I'm gonna do it - that Korg was responsible for the biggest advance in the interface between musician and music since the knob and slider. In an age increasingly dominated by buttons, menus and mice, paying sound with a touchpad is intuitive, body-centric... and simply a blast! So when the latest Kaoss pad appeared with the capability to effect video too, we just had to take a look.

In the box

Lovely box
Korg gets top marks for packaging - it's a symphony of planet-friendly cardboard; no nasty expanded polystyrene here. First note of discord, though - there's no carry case inside for the Entrancer. The cardboard box isn't gonna last one night in your average club, but there's nothing to protect your expensive shiny deep-blue anodised investment. Wrapping it in a sweatshirt just isn't going to cut it, so you're going to have to shell out for some sort of flightcase.

C'mon, Korg - I get a nice tough case with a $30 drill from Wal-Mart - surely for my thousand-odd bucks I deserve one? Another good reason for a case - it comes with one of those nasty external power supplies which tend to go MIA after the first gig. You don't want to lose it, either - it looks like a notebook supply and kicks out 7Volts at 3Amps - not an easy one to replace out on the road. It's only got a shoelace worth of cable on it too, so with the KPE-1 at working height, it hangs in mid-air just waiting to be pulled out by your over-enthusiastic gyrations. Not cool. Much better to build the power supply into the unit itself. It may seem like a trite issue, but wait til your set is nixed by someone losing/tripping over some pesky little power unit.

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