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In-depth Feature:  Apple Garageband
Does Apples' new music package rock, or merely make a noise?
Mike Beaudet writes: .

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When a company like Apple comes along and introduces a new piece of audio workstation software it's hard not take notice. Since Apple's acquisition of Emagic last year there has been lots of speculation on the direction that Apple would take those products. With the introduction of Garageband at Macworld San Francisco and recent announcements at Winter NAMM, it looks like Apple will be positioning the newest member of the iLife software suite as a gateway application to their more sophisticated Logic offerings.

For those who aren’t familiar with iLife it is Apple's suite of creativity tools that includes iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, and iDVD in addition to the new Garageband. Besides being low priced for existing owners, iLife comes free on all new Macintosh computers meaning that the package will have a reasonable level of market share in a very short amount of time. The packages within the suite are designed to work together so that you can compose a song in Garageband, export it to iTunes and then import that track to your iMovie project that you burn out using iDVD.

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