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In-depth Feature:  T.C. Electronic PowerCore FireWire
Hollin Jones writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Build Quality 80% .
Stability 90% .
Bang for the Buck 80% A good investment for any studio setup.
Ease of Use 80% .
Versatility 70% .
Results 90% Has some great plugins which will make your mixes shine.
Overall:   82% Good piece of kit

The PowerCore Firewire is a great solution to a common problem. Whilst it is true that, say, a dual 2ghz G5 is pretty hot on running plugins, most of us don’t own one yet, and can frequently experience projects bombing out due to processor overload. The plugins are very high quality and easy to use, the hardware is powerful and the integration between the two is the icing on the cake. It is a lot of money, but you get some cracking plugins and the equivalent of a couple of computers' worth of processing power - the holy grail of computer-based recording setups. The fact that it’s got a FireWire rather than a PCI interface is very useful for laptop users or for those just wanting to use it in different locations without hassle. If there is a downside it’s that it will only run plugins written specifically for it, but TC are working hard at expanding these - version 1.8 brings the Tubifex guitar amp simulator, as well as optional Dynamic EQ and Filtroid plugins. If you have a music computer which is running out of power, the PowerCore FireWire is a great way to breathe some life back into it and bag yourself some quality plugins at the same time. Start saving up!

PowerCore FireWire
RRP - UKP £999 USD $1799
Contact (in the UK) 0800 917926

There’s the Universal Audio UAD1 at £750
See our review

And of course one of the variants of a Pro Tools TDM or HD system from

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