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In-depth Feature:  Novation Bass Station Plugin
Novation goes full circle, hardware becomes software
Bruno writes: .

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Back in the early 90s many hardware manufacturers tried to recreate the sound of the legendary Roland TB-303, many tried and fell by the wayside, but one that was particularly successful was the Novation Bass Station.

The Bass Station, a simple two oscillator monophonic synth became a bit of a classic in its own right, not really for its accurate representation of the TB-303, more because of its tough oscillators and warm sounding filter. Originally available as a two octave keyboard synth or a 1u rack, Novation have completed the cycle by releasing the Bass Station as a plug-in for VST and Audiounit compatible sequencers.

The Bass Station plug-in arrives on CD and has installers for Windows VST and Mac OS X Audiounits (no OS 9.x support). Novation have informed me that a new disc has been made that now contains the OSX only VSTi version. You can also download it from the Novation website. However, sadly, it is not available as an RTAS plug-in for Protools on either platform, a bit of an oversight in my view.

You will need to authorise before you can use it, as there isn’t a demo period. Authorisation is via the Internet and requires a serial number (from the manual) and a unique code generated by your computer. The process is pretty straightforward and you will be emailed a code, which then unlocks the plug-in for use.

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