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In-depth Feature:  Presonus TubePre - mono preamp/D.I.
Presonus' latest wont break the bank, but does it sound a million bucks?
Albert Potts writes: .

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Preamps are all the rage these days. Many home and pro studio users are looking to upgrade the existing preamps on their mixing boards, or to add a different colour to their musical palette. There is currently a plethora of offerings available, with prices ranging from "anyone could afford this" to "how could anyone afford this"?

The TubePRE is part of a range of small footprint, stackable units, designed for the mobile recordist or spatially challenged studio owner.

The new Presonus TubePRE fits neatly into the "anyone could afford this" category, with a list price of $129 and a street price of around just $99. The TubePRE is a single channel (1/3 rack space) solid state/tube hybrid preamp that also features a DI instrument input (impedance on the DI input is 1 meg Ohms). The front panel sports tube drive and gain controls, plus lighted push button switches for phase, -20 pad, 48v phantom, and 80Hz filter. Also featured is a backlit analog VU meter, a nice touch on a unit in this price range, or any price range! The tube inside this unit is a 12AX7.

The rear panel has the expected XLR mic input and balanced XLR output, as well as an unbalanced 1/4" instrument input and 1/4" line level output. Also on the rear panel is the power jack for the external wallwart power supply. While I am not generally a fan of wall-warts, the design makes sense in this case. Primarily, as the wall-wart keeps the size and price of the TubePRE very small indeed.

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