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In-depth Feature:  Emagic EMI 6|2m
Rob G writes: .

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Along with the EMI 6|2m itself, the box provided a USB cable, a 66-page printed manual, an installation CD and a convenient carrying case, perhaps emphasising that the product is aimed at mobile musicians.

The EMI 6|2m can work with either the analogue or digital inputs - an input selector on the left of the interface selects which to use. If a digital clock source is available, another selector indicates whether to use the internal or external clock - this has no effect if no clock source can be detected, defaulting to internal.

Six clearly-readable monitor LED's indicate the current status of the interface - indicating whether digitial or analogue input is being used, the sample rate selected, the use of 24-bit audio - more on this later - and the clock source. More LED's indicate the presence of signal on each of the interface's inputs and outputs.

The presence of 6 inputs makes the interface an ideal solution for running 'live' inputs from hardware synths or FX, making the 6|2m attractive to those who want a small setup or to process live inputs. In this situation, you might find yourself using the the host computer as an FX rack, assuming your processor has the power to provide low latency monitoring.

Details, Details
Installation (on Windows 98 and Windows XP) was an utter breeze - by far the easiest time this reviewer has seen for an audio interface. Simply insert the CD, connect the USB interface, then wait for the O/S to detect the presence of the interface and show the Add New Hardware Wizard. From there, direct the wizard to look for driver's on the CD, verify the correct driver has been chosen (it was, in both cases) and you're away.

The unit came supplied with drivers for Windows MME (multimedia extensions - or normal Windows multimedia), DirectX, ASIO and EASI. (The Mac software supports SoundManager and ASIO.)

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