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In-depth Feature:  Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
Nick B writes: .

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It’s hard to do an instrument as deep as this the justice it deserves in words alone. The sheer complexity, modulation and routing possibilities of Evolver could keep an inquiring mind busy for years. It’s not hard to create satisfying sounds from scratch and there’s so much more besides. The only downside for me is the lack of feedback. LFO speed for instance would be nice and the LED display can be a little cryptic at times though it’s a testament to Dave Smiths design and experience that it’s not more of an issue. If someone writes a decent editor we could be really rocking. In terms of sound, it’s capable of some really extreme stuff and also clear almost Germanic twinkly and brittle tones. Imagine a polyphonic Evolver – ooh! Note – it is possible to chain them btw.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a first synth for the novice user, although if you’re willing to learn, Evolver will teach you a lot about synthesis, but for those with more experience, you’d find it hard to explore to the edges of this sonic universe. When you consider the price it’s a steal. I think it’s destined to become another Dave Smith classic.

Evolver: $499 including delivery. Overseas add taxes and import duty.
Available from

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