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In-depth Feature:  Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
Nick B writes: .

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What’s All This Then?
Evolver is a monophonic desktop synthesizer in a sturdy metal case with eight rotary encoders, thirteen buttons and a three character LED display with a passing resemblance to the Adrenalinn, same knob caps anyway. In fact, you may have seen them sharing stand space at some trade shows – Dave and Roger jamming with their latest brood – an all-star line-up!

Evolver is powered by a 13-15v power supply that comes with a multi-voltage PSU with US/European plug adapters – a nice touch and indicative of the level of detail you can expect. There’s also a special ferrite component for wrapping the power cable around which apparently reduces very high frequency interference.

Connections are MIDI in,out,thru plus stereo ins and outs on 1/4 jack, there’s no dedicated master volume or headphone outs – both of which would be nice for the laptop set-up.

The unit is described as an Analog/Digital Synth, Stereo Audio Processor and 16x4 sequencer, and in simple terms that’s just what it is. But underneath the hood there’s an awesome power lurking. The synth is not just a simple subtractive type – although it does that well, but a 4 Oscillator, 4 LFO, 3 Envelope, VCF, and VCA monster with a treasure trove of routing possibilities for your exploration. There’s also a three-section delay unit, input and output distortion – not bad for starters.

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